The Organ Growers Coming Soon




Book 2 in the McBride series, The Organ Growers, will soon be in the hands of my beta readers. Once my stellar team is done and the necessary revisions are completed, the manuscript will then go to the editors. If they don’t slice and dice the story too much, I’m hoping for a publication date in December. Once I have a firm pub date, I will setup a preorder at any of the online retailers that will let me.


For more about The Organ Growers, including sample chapters and a couple of cool videos that explain how human organs may someday be grown in the lab, follow this link.


Thanks, and stay tuned.


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  1. The Organ Takers was a fantastic read. I couldn’t put it down! Great characters, fast paced, edge of seat! AND medically themed! Hopefully you and Robin Cook can keep me in books! Can’t wait for the next in the series.

    • Thanks for the comment Shirley. You are in luck. The follow up to Organ Takers–The Organ Growers–is finally in the editing process and should be ready for publication in a couple of months.

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