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Welcome to my blog. Now, I can already hear the knives being sharpened. The world needs another blog like it needs a hole in the ozone layer, but I promise to offer more than just shameless self-promotion (although, there will be plenty of that). I write medical thrillers—or more precisely, novels of surgical suspense—and while enticing you to buy my books, I intend to educate and entertain you as well. I know a lot about medicine and surgery, and I know a lot about writing and storytelling. My surgery training took me from the knife-and-gun-club of LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, to the famed Bellevue Hospital in Midtown Manhattan. My education as a writer includes Internet courses, night classes and an MFA program where I was mentored by New York Times bestselling author Dennis Lehane, among other accomplished faculty. I believe that combining this vast and unusual right-brain/left-brain experience will make for interesting reading and discussion. So, please visit often, and I will do my best to hold your attention.