Monthly Archives: June 2013

What’s In The Box!!!?

Are you a fan of the movie Se7en? Do you remember how it ends? With Brad Pitt pleading with Morgan Freeman to tell him what’s in the box as he holds a gun to John Doe’s (Kevin Spacey’s) head out in the desert? If you haven’t seen it, and you like deranged serial killers, you should watch it. If you have seen it, and you liked it, you’ll like my style of writing. Se7en is one of my favorites. It has influenced my stories, and I’ve posted a book trailer for my novel The Organ Takers that was inspired by the opening title sequence of the film. Go to the Home Page or the Organ Takers Preview Page to view the trailer, then come back here and let me know what you think (about the video or the movie). I’d like to thank the folks at Visual Quill for producing the trailer, as well as developing this website, my bookcovers, business cards and bookmarks.