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The Final Push is Now Perma-Free


syringe-417786_640What is Perma-Free? 


The Final Push: a short story of surgical suspense (35 pages print length) is now permanently free on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, and Google Play. I tried to make it free for Barnes & Noble Nook Book, but they won’t let me, and they don’t price match.


What’s the big deal?  This is the first piece of fiction I wrote and has served as a precursor for everything I’ve written since. In a mere 35 pages you will experience an ER thoracotomy (more on that here), resuscitation of a blunt trauma patient, a medical code blue, and a very entertaining autopsy scene. 


Why am I doing this? The style of The Final Push is very similar to what you will see in the McBride trilogy of novels—The Organ Takers, The Organ Growers, and The Organ Killers—so if you like The Final Push, you’ll like the McBride trilogy.


To learn more about the story, read an excerpt, and link to the online retailers, go here


To view the complete set of Bublish book bubbles (excerpts combined with interesting author insights), go here


To view the glossary, which is interesting in its own right, go here.


If you read the story, a review at your favorite review site would be greatly appreciated, but if you want to leave a comment below, that would be appreciated as well.