Agatha Hattie: Queen of the Night


Agatha HattieAre you strange parents with odd little children? If so, you will enjoy Agatha Hattie: Queen of the Night. And if you’re not strange, and your children are not odd, you will still enjoy this book. Agatha Hattie is a pretty little girl with a seemingly perfect life, but all that changes one day when she stumbles into a fog bank on her way home from school and eventually returns home with a fresh bite on her neck. (Don’t worry, she doesn’t fall in love with a brooding teenage vampire.) The author, Jacquelyn Fedyk, describes her story as a “gothic children’s fairy tale for strange parents to read to odd little children.” I’ll describe it as a fun book for Halloween (or any time) that children and their parents, odd or not, will enjoy. The book is richly illustrated with full-page block prints by Leslie Nan Moon (so don’t get the Kindle version). If your family enjoys fairy tales with a discernible message at the end, go to your local bookstore and grab a copy, or get one from Amazon, then come back here and let me know what you think. Also, take a look at Jacquelyn’s website for more about the book, and Leslie’s site to see some stunning gothic block photos, which are particularly cool for this time of year. And, if you write illustrated books and you’re interested in using block prints for your next project, get in touch with Leslie.



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