The Final Push

A third-year medical student has unrestricted access to the comatose trauma patient who shattered his personal life two months earlier. With a simple push of thumb on syringe, student-doctor Michael Higgins may be able to piece his life back together. Go to the Preview Page.


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Failed surgeon David McBride is forced to perform illegal organ harvests. While fighting to free himself from the situation, Dr. McBride loses everything, including his humanity, and sets off down the path to revenge. Book one of the McBride trilogy. Go to the Preview Page.


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The Organ Growers

In book two of the McBride trilogy, opposing forces battle for control of the tissue engineering and organ fabrication biotechnologies that are vital to the growth of human organs in the laboratory. Go to the Preview Page.


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In book three, McBride, now known as Dr. David Aaronson, discovers the real origins of the CoVid19 and CoVid23 pandemics sweeping the globe. Revealing the truth will pit David against the commander of a US Army bioweapons laboratory, a narcissistic president obsessed with nationalism, and a supervirus poised to decimate the world. Go to the Preview Page. 


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