In Praise of JetLaunch (and WWW)


Go to Where Writers WinIf you are one of the three people who read my post extolling the virtues of the website Where Writers Win, you already know that they offer a vast array of resources for authors who are ready to publish and market their book. What or who is Where Writers Win? WWW is “marketing, websites, training and tools for emerging authors.” They “shrink the web,” meaning they will sift through, vet and rank all those services and websites that may be of interest to the emerging author, saving you an immense amount of time.


Now, pay particular attention to the word “vet.” There are a lot of less-than-reputable independent editors, book designers, cover designers and even web-based companies offering these services who have been called out in various forums for providing poor service. So, if someone else can vet these services and find the good ones, follow their recommendations.


That’s what I did. Not so long ago I had a completed, professionally edited manuscript that was ready for interior design for print, and formatting for e-book platforms. I wanted to find someone trustworthy who did good work, but I didn’t have the time to scour the web and check out all the forums. Enter Where Writers Win. In one of their newsletters, they listed their “Approved (and Stellar!) Partners.” The post listed a wide range of services, including what I was looking for: e-book and print conversion and creation. The name of the company was JetLaunch, and I decided to get in touch.


Go to JetLaunch

Within minutes of filling out the contact form I had a response from JetLaunch owner Chris O’Byrne, and this was the level of service that I would come to rely on. You see, I was in a hurry. I had a deadline to meet. I told this to Chris and he did everything he could to help me meet my deadline. Within days I had PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Apple files for 6×9 hardcover and softcover books, Kindle, Kobo, iTunes, Google Play, and Nook platforms. Since I already had my accounts set up with Ingram, Amazon and all the other publishers, all I had to do was upload the files. If, however, you need help with setting up these accounts, he’ll do that for you, too.


What about cost you ask? Because I was in a hurry I didn’t shop around, but all of this came in well under $1000.00, which I thought was more than reasonable for the amount of work done, and the timely fashion in which it was completed. And, as I read my newly minted electronic and print books, I found a few of those pesky omitted words that the author, first readers, and editors all miss (because your brain conveniently fills them in for you). More than once I had to email Chris, tell him where the corrections were needed, and within hours I had new files to upload, at no extra charge.


So, I say to you, if you need interior design for your print book, and/or formatting for your e-book, and maybe you need someone to help you set up your e-tailer accounts and upload your files (and I haven’t even mentioned cover design), JetLaunch is the service for you. The work is of excellent quality, it is done in a timely fashion, and it is very affordable. One stop shopping for all of your publishing needs, as they say.


If you’ve used JetLaunch, or another service, let us know how it went (good or bad).


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