Organ Takers Book Bubbles: Act I, The Complete Set


Photo by Flood G. - Flickr
Photo by Flood G. – Flickr


If you’ve read my previous blog posts or social media posts on the topic, then you already know what a Bublish book bubble is. If not, here’s a recap. 


Bublish is a unique book-discovery website that uses “book bubbles” to create an interface between authors and readers. The bubbles contain excerpts from the text alongside author insights, and the author can create many bubbles for each book, thus offering a series of excerpts. There is also an author bio with photo, a link to his or her website, an image of the book cover, and links to buy the book.


Added features for authors include addition of bubble links to the Bublish Twitter stream, Twitter promotions called #SampleSaturday and #SampleSunday, where links to the previous week’s bubbles are added to their stream several times a day over the weekend, and inclusion of those links in the Bublish floating bookstore, which takes place on Mondays over a number of social media platforms.


Membership for readers and authors is free, and there is now an author upgrade that provides additional services and programs (check it out here). If you are a reader, this is a good way to find emerging authors. If you’re a writer, this is a great way to market your books.


If you’ve already read The Organ Takers, it is still worthwhile taking a look at the bubbles. For each bubble, the author insights I’ve included offer glimpses into my background and how it influenced the writing of the story.  


And now, without further ado, the complete set of book bubbles from the opening act of The Organ Takers.


Call 911 – your kidney’s been stolen!

The Emergency Room Thoracotomy

Bloody Hands

The Convoluted Path

The Good Son

No Glory in Rat Surgery

Doctors, Nurses, and Drugs

Rapid Cooling is the Enemy

The Sinister Silhouette

An Offer He Can’t Refuse


If you should happen to read any or all of these, let me know what you think. Do you like having access to sequential excerpts from the book? Do you like the author insights?


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