The Organ Growers for 99cents – a Kindle Countdown deal






The Organ Growers, the second book in the McBride series and follow-up to The Organ Takers, is now available for 99 cents as part of a Kindle Countdown deal. The deal ends on the 25th so hurry.


For more about the book, including the inspiration for the story, two sample chapters, and interesting videos about growing human organs in the laboratory, link to the preview page.


If you are unfamiliar with the first book in the McBride trilogy, The Organ Takers, go to the preview page to learn more.


Both titles are also available as audiobooks at all audiobook sellers. Thank you and happy reading and/or listening.


2 Responses to The Organ Growers for 99cents – a Kindle Countdown deal

  1. Great books, Dr. Van Anderson, and I sense you’re a perfectionist.

    That being the case, you might like to fix a few tiny typos in The Organ Growers.”… it would also render him unable to breath (sic).” “… to order a CT scan for you (sic) father.”

    The minor errors in no way detracted from my enjoyment.





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