The purpose of these glossaries is twofold:

First, it is difficult to describe surgical instruments without getting into minute detail, and since the point of view character is already familiar with these things, it would not be realistic to have that character dwell on a detailed description. Given the descriptions in the text, and the context in which they are used, I believe you will be able to form a reasonable image of what is being described. However, if you would like to gain a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of my stories, I’ve included these glossaries to offer definitions and pronunciations of surgical and medical terms, along with photos of surgical supplies and instruments, X-rays and CT scans, and surgical pathologies and diseases.

Second, much of what I’ve included here is not necessary for you to enjoy the story, but readers like to be educated, so think of these glossaries as the bonus content that might be included with a DVD or the “inside the episode” segment that follows an episode of Game of Thrones. Also, I’ve included some personal anecdotes that will offer insight into my training as a medical student and surgery resident.  

Now, having said all that, it is not my intention that you interrupt your reading to come here and look things up. I do not want you to “bump” yourself out of the story. I would prefer that you either anticipate the chapters you might read and peruse the related glossary ahead of time or, if during your reading you want to expand on what you just read, visit the glossary once you’ve reached the end of a chapter, or when you are done reading for the day. 

And finally, don’t be daunted by the number of chapters listed for each glossary. Not all chapters have entries. In fact, most don’t.   


The Final Push

The Organ Takers

Chapters  1 – 20

Chapters  21 – 40

Chapters  41 – 64

The Organ Growers

Chapters 1 – 40

Chapters 41 – 81


Chapters 1 – 20 

Chapters  21 – 40

       Chapters  41 – 107

       SPOILER ALERT:  This last section contains only a few entries from late in the book, but they

       will give away important plot elements. Please come back after you’ve read the final chapters.