Indie Stars 2015 Book Giveaway



BookLife, a feature within Publishers Weekly that is devoted to self-publishing, has published the second Starred Reviews Annual. The issue lists all of the self-published books that received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly in 2015 and includes 18 fiction titles and three nonfiction titles.


To call attention to this body of fine writing, BookLife and Publishers Weekly is sponsoring a giveaway that will include sets of 12 books awarded to 10 winners, and I am proud to say that The Organ Takers is one of the books that will be included in the set of 12.



To read the reviews, learn more about the giveaway, and to enter, go here.


To read the Organ Takers reviews and learn more about the story, go here.



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The Me, Myself, and I Interview – Part 7

  In Part 6 of the Me, Myself, and I interview, I describe how a crazed vigilante (Charles Bronson’s character in Death Wish) set my writing career in motion. In Part 7, I talk about how forced socialization amongst a group of writing students started me down the path to a Master’s degree in creative writing and… Continue Reading

Baby This Town Rips the Bones From Your Back …

  You’d think that a guy who could write a line like that, build an anthem around it, surround that song with the likes of “Thunder Road,” “Jungleland” and “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out,” and then land the covers of Time and Newsweek simultaneously (the first person to do so), you’d think a guy like that would… Continue Reading

Agatha Hattie: Queen of the Night

  Are you strange parents with odd little children? If so, you will enjoy Agatha Hattie: Queen of the Night. And if you’re not strange, and your children are not odd, you will still enjoy this book. Agatha Hattie is a pretty little girl with a seemingly perfect life, but all that changes one day… Continue Reading


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The Organ Growers Audiobook is Now Available

    Tantor Media purchased the audio rights to the McBride trilogy of novels and has released the second book in the series, The Organ Growers.   For more about the book, including the inspiration for the story, two sample chapters, and interesting videos about growing human organs in the laboratory, link to the preview page.   You can find The Organ… Continue Reading

Attention Kindle Owners

          The Organ Takers, The Organ Growers, and The Final Push are now available in the Kindle Owners Lending Library and on Kindle Unlimited. If you’re not sure that my style of writing suits you, read a few chapters or a few pages risk free and see what you think.               … Continue Reading

The Organ Growers is Now Available

                            The Organ Growers, the second book in the McBride trilogy, is now available in Kindle and paperback formats. Hardcovers will be coming soon.   To learn more about the story, including sample chapters, the inspiration behind the book, and a couple of cool videos that explain how… Continue Reading