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The Organ Growers – Available for Pre-order





The Organ Growers, the second book in the McBride series and follow-up to The Organ Takers, has completed the editorial process. No major rewrites are necessary, but I do need to add some finishing touches. I’ve made the ebook version available for preorder with a release date of December 14th, which will give me time to polish the manuscript and get some marketing efforts underway. I’m confident I’ll get these things done in time to move the release to mid-November, so keep an eye on my website for updates. 


For more about The Organ Growers, including sample chapters and a couple of cool videos that explain how human organs may someday be grown in the lab, follow this link.


To pre-order the Kindle version, go here.

Print versions will be available closer to the release date.


Thanks, and stay tuned for more info including giveaways of ebooks and signed print copies.




Can Human Organs be Grown in the Laboratory?

    In The Organ Takers I show you a lab full of organs that have been grown from porcine (pig) scaffolds and human stem cells.   In The Organ Growers I take you through the process of growing a human kidney using human stem cells and a porcine kidney.     But, can human organs really be grown in the lab?   To date, relatively simple… Continue Reading

The Organ Takers Wins an IndieFab Honorable Mention

  The Organ Takers was awarded the honorable mention spot for the thriller & suspense category in Foreword Reviews’ INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards for 2014.   After the gold, silver, and bronze winners, that means The Organ Takers finished in fourth place, which translates to third loser. But hey, not bad for a debut novel that was… Continue Reading

The Final Push is Now Perma-Free

  What is Perma-Free?    The Final Push: a short story of surgical suspense (35 pages print length) is now permanently free on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, and Google Play. I tried to make it free for Barnes & Noble Nook Book, but they won’t let me, and they don’t price match.   What’s the big deal?  This… Continue Reading

The Organ Takers is an IndieFab Finalist

  The Organ Takers has been selected as a finalist in Foreword Reviews’ INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards for 2014. What is Foreword Reviews?   Foreword Reviews is both an online and print review journal that reviews independently published books. It is distributed quarterly to 7500 librarians and booksellers and is also available at most Barnes &… Continue Reading

The Organ Takers Launch Day

  That’s right. The Organ Takers launches today and is now available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book formats from all of the major retailers. Go to the preview page to learn about the story and what inspired it. Go to the books page for links to retailers. View the latest book bubble here.          Watch… Continue Reading

The Final Push

  Would you take a life to save a life? A cop would. A soldier would. How about a medical student? What if you were that student, and you had unrestricted access to the comatose trauma patient who shattered your personal life two months earlier, and by taking his life you could piece yours back… Continue Reading