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The Final Push

  Would you take a life to save a life? A cop would. A soldier would. How about a medical student? What if you were that student, and you had unrestricted access to the comatose trauma patient who shattered your personal life two months earlier, and by taking his life you could piece yours back… Continue Reading

The Final Push

  If you could save a life by taking a life, would you do it? If you were a medical student, and with a single lethal injection you could repair your shattered world, would you place thumb on syringe and push? Michael Higgins is that student, and he has found himself in this very situation. Do you think he will play God… Continue Reading

Call 911 Or You Will Die!

    Back in the ’90s, if you were a man drinking in a hotel bar or gambling at the tables of Vegas, and you allowed yourself to be led upstairs by a seductive woman, this is the message you might have found scrawled in lipstick across the mirror (or on your chest) as you awakened… Continue Reading