The Organ Takers for 99 Cents


Leonardo da Vinci's depiction of the vascular system c. 1507
Leonardo da Vinci’s depiction of the vascular system c. 1507

And you don’t have to be a subscriber to Book Bub. Read on and this will become clear.


Next Saturday, The Organ Takers will be part of a two week Book Bub promotion. In case you aren’t familiar with Book Bub, its a free service that sends a daily email to millions of readers alerting them to free or deeply discounted specials on ebooks from many different genres. (Authors and readers, check it out here.)


The Organ Takers promotion will run from Saturday, April 2nd through Saturday, April 16th, but I have already marked down the book to $0.99, so if you are not a Book Bub subscriber, you can still get the discounted price.


“What if I already have your book?” I hear some of you saying. If you have a print version, now is your chance to get the e-version for you Kindle, Nook, iPad or Kobo and Google Play readers. If you have the e-book, pick one up for someone you know who might like it. Amazon and Barnes & Noble make it easy to buy the book and email a link and a note to the recipient.


For more about the book, including the inspiration for the story and two sample chapters, link to the preview page


For a series of excerpts from the first 11 chapters, along with author insights into the story, check out these Bublish book bubbles. The links are here.


And finally, for links to buy the book, they are all here


Thank you, and Happy Reading.


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