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The Organ Growers is Now Available



The “Ghost Heart”
The “Ghost Kidney” (rat)













The Organ Growers, the second book in the McBride trilogy, is now available in Kindle and paperback formats. Hardcovers will be coming soon.


To learn more about the story, including sample chapters, the inspiration behind the book, and a couple of cool videos that explain how human organs may someday be grown in the lab, go here


To order a Kindle or print version, go here.


To learn what “ghost” organs are and how they might solve the donor-organ shortage, you can either read the book or go to the Organ Growers glossary here. I recommend you do both.


Thank you, and keep an eye out for giveaways and other specials. 



Red Notice: you don’t want one of these.

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Would You Terminate a Life …

  … to end the suffering associated with an incurable disease? In The Euthanist, Alex Dolan’s debut novel, this is exactly what his protagonist is doing. Kali,  paramedic by day and euthanist by night (and on her days off), is part of an underground group who will put you out of your misery if you meet certain criteria, your family is… Continue Reading