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I recently added photos to the Bio page of this website, and to my Facebook and Twitter pages (and I may give one to my wife for mother’s day; I’m killing a bunch of birds here). I’d like to thank Chaucer Wells Photography in Seattle ( for their excellent work. I’ve long been a fan of Chicago artist Xavier Nuez (, who photographs decaying urban landscapes using interesting lighting techniques. For my author photos, I wanted a similar appearance, not just a head shot of me staring dreamily into space, but something that reflects the mood of my stories and the tone of my writing. To accomplish this, the photographer spent a lot of time searching Seattle for a “building in decay,” where we could get permission to shoot. We ended up in the basement of a 100+ year-old building in downtown Seattle, and the results far exceeded my expectations. The photographer was great to work with, and despite all the pre-shoot prep work, the lengthy shoot itself, and the extensive post-production work, the photos (for both print and online use) were very affordable.