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315651_570792492953267_1687034868_nSince my last “Bublish” post, I’ve added five more book bubbles for my short story The Final Push. If you haven’t read my original post about Bublish, here’s a recap:


Bublish is a unique book-discovery website that uses “book bubbles” to create an interface between authors and readers. The bubbles contain excerpts from the text alongside author insights, and the author can create many bubbles for each book, thus offering a series of excerpts. There is also an author bio with photo, a link to his or her website, an image of the book cover, and links to buy the book.


Added features for authors include addition of bubble links to the Bublish Twitter stream, Twitter promotions called #SampleSaturday and #SampleSunday, where links to the previous week’s bubbles are added to their stream several times a day over the weekend, and inclusion of those links in the Bublish floating bookstore, which takes place on Mondays over a number of social media platforms.


Membership for readers and authors is free, but there is now an author upgrade that provides additional services and programs (check it out here). I still haven’t upgraded yet, so I cannot comment on the upgrade, but it looks like useful stuff.


If you are a reader, use the links below to view my book bubbles and read excerpts from my story. If you are an author with a book to market, take a look at the bubbles to see if Bublish might be of interest to you.    Author Insight    Mike Higgins Meets John Doe    Student Doctor Higgins Evaluates John Doe   Higgins Successfully Intubates John Doe   John Doe is Bleeding Internally   Higgins Returns Home to Find Darkness and Pain   Higgins Laments his Wife’s Condition   John Doe Has Been Admitted to the Trauma Service    John Doe Won’t Die    The Quiet Before the Violence  A Perfect Murder    The Living Autopsy    Higgins Pulls the Trigger


If you view any of these book bubbles, please let me know what you think.

If you are a writer and you use Bublish for your own stories or books, I’d like to hear about your experience.


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