The Woven Tale Press


The latest issue of The Woven Tale Press is now available. What is the Woven Tale Press, you ask? To paraphrase, it’s a monthly e-magazine that scours the web in search of creative energy that all too often lies buried in a blogger’s archives (like my stuff), be it visual arts, short fiction and nonfiction, writing advice or anything else with creative underpinnings. The staff finds blog posts that are informative, entertaining and thought provoking and reposts them (with permission, of course). 


For readers, or anyone interested in photography or painting, this is a chance to discover new content that may be humorous or offbeat. Links to the blog of origin are provided should you want to see more from a particular blogger.


For writers, you’ll find posts offering writing advice, but more importantly you can submit your own short pieces for inclusion on the website or in the magazine.


And for you visual artists out there, you can submit your work as well.


To date, nine issues have been published. Please take a look:

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