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Spare Parts, and Broken Hearts

  A damaged cop (ho hum). Clones bred for replacement body parts (wait a minute). Flying malls that function as cities (what?). These are the main elements of Michael Marshall Smith’s dystopian noir thriller Spares.    Rapt-addicted ex-cop, Jack Randall, has dropped off the grid following a great personal tragedy. He takes a job as caretaker of one of the farms that houses clones (the “spares”… Continue Reading

Gatsby vs Carraway – Whose Story Is It?

  Many regard F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby as one of the great literary achievements of its time. Published in 1925, the story accurately reflects a cross-section of post-World War I America. Referred to as the Jazz Age, the early- to mid-1920’s brought unprecedented economic gain to post-war America, benefiting primarily the established upper… Continue Reading

Hell Hath No Fury Like That of the Scorned Woman

  DENNIS LEHANE once said that the short story is the prose writer’s best chance for perfection. The novel is too big and unruly, but with the short story, the author can come close to getting it just right. I think Holly M. Kothe has approached perfection with her story collection Sweet Violent Femmes. The collection contains… Continue Reading

The Poisoner’s Handbook

  With the spectacular array of medical and surgical technology available to the modern physician and surgeon, it’s easy to regard our colleagues of a century ago as skilled tradesmen who could do little more than drain pus, amputate gangrenous limbs and treat the maladies of the day with voodoo and tonics.   In reality, the birth of modern medicine… Continue Reading