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Wading Into the Social Media Quagmire

                As I said in the inaugural post on book marketing, if you are an aspiring author the first thing you need to do (even before you’ve completed your book) is develop a marketing platform, and that means you need a website, blog, Facebook page and Twitter account, at a minimum. And even though I wrote… Continue Reading

Gatsby vs Carraway – Whose Story Is It?

  Many regard F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby as one of the great literary achievements of its time. Published in 1925, the story accurately reflects a cross-section of post-World War I America. Referred to as the Jazz Age, the early- to mid-1920’s brought unprecedented economic gain to post-war America, benefiting primarily the established upper… Continue Reading

Hell Hath No Fury Like That of the Scorned Woman

  DENNIS LEHANE once said that the short story is the prose writer’s best chance for perfection. The novel is too big and unruly, but with the short story, the author can come close to getting it just right. I think Holly M. Kothe has approached perfection with her story collection Sweet Violent Femmes. The collection contains… Continue Reading

Reader Meet Author

  Are you a reader looking for a cool way to discover new books and authors? Or are you an author marketing a book? If you’ve answered yes to either question, you should check out Bublish. Bublish is a unique book-discovery website that uses “book bubbles” to create an interface between authors and readers. The bubbles contain excerpts from… Continue Reading

The Four D’s: Part 3 – Depth of Character

  Craft books and writing teachers will tell you that readers read for character. Indeed, the cornerstone of literary fiction is the complex character study. At a minimum, even the most surface-dwelling, plot-driven genre novel needs engaging characters to carry the story. These characters are not expected to confront deep emotional issues or transcend their… Continue Reading